“Clarke Allen is the quintessential entrepreneur; he’s driven by passion, vision, ideas, insight and guts. His story inspires.”

— Ron Stogdhill

“Not since The Artist’s Way has a book inspired us to take action against the walls we build – Clarke Allen’s intimate evolution from self-limiting businessman into a magnet for success and creative openness inspires immediate action.”

— Derek Britt

“Have you ever worked for an a$$#ole? If not, then it’s probably you…and you could certainly take a page, or several, from Clarke Allen’s life on how to put things in perspective and go from making a difference to truly changing the world.” “Sure, Clarke Allen is a really likable guy…until you get to know him. Having worked with C.A. on projects, I had a great admiration for him. Then, I read the book and discovered that he tried pretty hard to ruin everything around him. Now that he’s seen the light, we’re all better for it because it’s not about HIM anymore.”

— Yankee Pete (Herrick)

“I have known Clarke for nearly 5 years and been captivated by his stories, vision and success! This book serves heaping examples of why–and exemplifies Clarke’s giving spirit. I am often trapped in my own “inevitable box” and can now quickly reference this book for stories and advice that will help break me free. You’ll laugh and cry with the nuggets that Clarke shares from his own life. Happy reading.”

— Marcia Pruitt

“I loved your book for many reasons, but in a nutshell, the honesty, love and courage you poured into sharing your story is really honorable. I could relate to so many of the anecdotes you shared; challenges and fears, and the need to be relevant…resonated with me and has helped shift how I view my work and contributions. I wish I had this book to read and reference last year when I was going through such a painful transition in my career.”

— Kerry Nolan Winslow

“Clarke’s book spoke to me on many levels. As a business owner, executive and man I have experienced many of the same struggles, downfalls, and ultimate failures. Clarke opens his book and his life, literally and fuguratively, in ways I have not had the courage to do so. I applaud him for his fortitude, honesty, and his unwavering quest not only for relevance but ultimately his pursuit of integrity and personal improvement. His willingness to put forth his experience is inspirational, brought me to ask tough questions of myself and challenged me to do something about it.”

— Mark Downey

“I’ve known Clarke for nearly a decade and read the first draft of The Inevitable Box during a time of great upheaval in my own life.  It compelled me to take a hard but necessary ‘personal inventory’ and rethink the perspective I had on my challenges.  TIB reminded me that whatever “boxes” I have found myself in, they did not define me and furthermore, the power to get out of them had always been both with and within me.  I recommend this book as a great impetus to introspection and personal change.”

— Brian Wright

The Inevitable Box

The Inevitable Box: A Quest for Significance

“The Inevitable Box will CHALLENGE you to reach BEYOND the boundaries of your COMFORT ZONE, as it compels you to CONFRONT the FEARS keeping you from experiencing the DESTINY that is INEVITABLE in your life…Prepare to be INSPIRED.”

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