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Want to have a successful event?  Well, choosing the right vendors is definitely a must!

Clarke Allen knows the value of choosing vendors that reflect positively on us, and successfully further our client relationships.  If you are a novice event planner or DIYer, proper vetting and negotiation are essential to great event planning.  Here’s what we suggest:

  1. Research the company’s history
  2. Ask for letters of reference
  3. Check out an event for which they are providing services
  4. If the service is food/beverage ask for a pre-event tasting
  5. Ask for a proposal that includes:
    • A complete description of service
    • A list of equipment vendor provides
    • Any additional services
    • Costs and payment terms
    • Insurance information/risk management plans
    • Vendor necessities you must provide

Many people do not realize that everything in life is negotiable.  Many vendors have a deposit amount that is standard in their contracts.  You can actually negotiate a lower deposit.  Try offering to pay in full before the event in exchange for a lower deposit amount or event a discount on services for paying in advance.

Be a savvy question asker and always make sure that you:

  • Compare apples to apples when looking at vendors and don’t ever be afraid to request that vendors “match prices” for the same services
  • Get itemized pricing
  • Can get to someone when you need them–choose a company that makes communication a priority and can help guide you to a successful event
  • Inquire about staffing and coordination/set-up and strike

Your successful event is truly dependant on the professionals you choose who come together to create not just an nice event, but a memorable experience for everyone.


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