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You will want to use a 120” Rounds linen. For a complete linen sizing you can download our ebook!
The cost of a wedding varies tremendously. We like to refer to it as building a house. You wouldn’t go up to a builder and ask how much a house will cost with no details! There are many factors that will go into the cost of your wedding. Guest size, location, food and beverage, your decor style etc. What we can tell you that the average bride that comes to us has a budget between $15,000-$60,000. We have seen a trend of downsizing the guest list in recent years. This helps a lot with your budget!
I was wondering how exactly your company works? It’s a bit confusing when coming to the website. Do you hire event planners or are you your own already-staffed agency that does not hire new event planners?


Clarke Allen has multiple segments to our company.
Our main focus includes the following:
1. Clarke Allen Events- We are a full service event planning company with multiple planners that work locally, regionally, and nationally. These planners are a small team that works together to plan Corporate, Social events and Weddings. We do hire on an as need basis but majority of our planners are hired after completing an internship with the company.
2. Clarke Allen Author- Our owner Clarke has been in the event planning industry on an entrepreneurial journey for over 21 years. Over that period of time he has developed a passion for speaking and teaching to help/educate others on the journey of event planning/entrepreneurship. He even has a book coming out to tell his story so stay tuned for that soon!
3. Get Inspired- Because of our passion for educating the industry and assisting those wanting to get into the industry, looking to further their education, or helping them to plan a great event on their own we have created the Get Inspired section of our website. Here you will find anything from educational videos and blogs to calendars of upcoming industry events or just fun things going on around Charlotte. Stay tuned as we develop this aspect of our website to help planners like you! Continue to check out our site and get to know each of the channels in Get Inspired as we update all of them as often as daily!