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December 31st 2016 

We are proud to announce that for Year 4 we have partnered with the largest hotel in Charlotte, Le Meridien. As of this year, the Southern Skyline Grand Ball will officially hold the title for the biggest NYE ball in the Southeast. We are adding a collection of new attractions this year that will ensure each guest has the best New Years experience imaginable! The event is all inclusive for both General admission and VIP guests. We offer both tickets and room packages for purchase on our website. This year we have added two stages and will have between 10-13 performances throughout the night. With genres ranging from Pop, to country, to funk, we are certain that there will be a stage for you at all times. We are also adding novelty acts and attractions this year such as acrobats, go-go dancers, and we are bringing back the Slow-Motion photo!

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Lucid Halloween at CenterStage@NoDa


October 28th 2016

It’s OFFICIAL! Clarke Allen Events has gone PUBLIC! Can’t wait to see everyone this Halloween for our first public event ever offered Lucid Halloween (Charlotte) at CenterStage@NODA. Featuring epic artists SNBRN, Prince Fox, Anevo, and Warez. From the moment you enter the venue, all of your senses will be engaged. Interactive performers, first class sound and lights, as well as hand crafted special effects; we will provide an unparalleled dream experience. Have you ever wished you could be conscious in your dreams?  This concept is known as Lucid dreaming, and through this Halloween show we plan to make this a reality. Rather than making the attendee feel like they are awake in their dreams, we will make them feel as though they are dreaming while they’re awake.