The music at your event can make or break the overall mood! While music may seem like a small portion of the event planning process, its a crucial component in bringing your vision to life! To make sure you pick the right medium for your event music, here are a few things to keep in mind!

A Live Band:
– Can create a unique energy to connect with the theme of your event.
– Provides an entertainment aspect to your event and is able to connect with your guests.
– Is likely to cost upward of $1,000, depending on the talent and quality. (Think Taylor Swift concert versus your neighbor’s band playing in the garage… yikes!)

– Can play songs according to the demographic of your guests as it changes throughout the event.
– Will have a larger repertoire to offer. Clients and guests can request their favorite song to be played.
– Is more versatile in adapting quicker to the feel of the environment. Are you looking for your guests to feel like it’s a Friday night in Miami or that they are attending a formal charity dinner?

Written by,

Chelsea Reynolds | Website and Social Media Coordinator | Clarke Allen Events