If you’re a Millennial (like most of us here at Clarke Allen), chances are you’ve been categorized as ‘lazy’ or ‘entitled’.  As frustrating as this may be, don’t get too upset with your elders just yet.  For pre-Millennials (Generation X), they just don’t understand that there are modernized approaches to doing things the old-fashioned way.  That’s what we Millennials are here for!  This SpeakInc blog, written by Leah Doyle, addresses how the Millennial generation (that us!) is changing up the event planning industry.  Here are some highlights.

The Millennial generation makes up over one-third of today’s workforce.  Leah refers to those born between the years of 1980 and 2000 as ‘Generation Y’.  With Generation Y comes new, innovative ways of doing things – primarily with technology.  In the event planning world, using technology engages guests in ways they have never experienced before.  From mobile apps to social media sharing, Millennials have the ability to network and promote an event from all aspects.  Millennials are always looking for ways to advance themselves and their companies to make as much of an industry impact as possible.  For all the Generation X’ers out there who say Millennials are abandoning face-to-face communication – false!  Millennials haven’t thrown in-person conversation out the window; they’ve simply made it easier.  Video conferencing is a major breakthrough for connecting professionals visually from across the world, and is used often.  Connecting people from all over the world – go team Millennials!

As with any great idea, there comes setback.  In the case of the event planning industry, this usually comes in the form of a tight budget.  Leah says it best with, “Tight budgets have meeting planners constantly being asked by clients to do more with less.”  Thankfully, Millennial event planners are creative and are consistently developing innovative ways to engage and impress our attendees!

Be sure to check out the full article at SpeakInc.com! Do you have an event coming up but are unsure where to start?  Contact the Millennials here at Clarke Allen!

Written by,

Caitlin Carroll | Creative Writer | Clarke Allen Events