Gone are the days of totally traditional weddings.  From creating your own Instagram hashtag to providing cell phone charging stations, technology has revamped the way we approach the ‘big day’.  Your grandparents might think it’s all a bit ridiculous, but it’s almost 2017 people – so embrace it.  To get you up to speed, we found this article on The Knot, written by Rachel Torgerson.

Here are some of the top highlights from ’10 Wedding Tech Trends Straight From the Future’.

  1. Turns out your activity tracker isn’t just for exercise. Is yours equipped with a heartrate monitor?  You’ll be able to pinpoint the exact moment where you began walking down the aisle, or the first time you saw your significant other in their wedding day outfit.  How cool!
  2. Tired of pictures from the same boring angles? Problem solved – use a drone!  Both photographers and videographers are using these flying drones to snap shots you never thought were possible before.  Drones are great for getting footage of your venue location via aerial views.
  3. No need to pay for fancy cake decorations – use projection mapping instead! Projection mapping allows you to make any plain white cake into an awesome experience.  Flowers, videos, photos, you name it!
  4. Finally, there’s a way to include friends and family that aren’t able to attend – live stream your ceremony! Through apps like Periscope or Facebook, you can live stream the entire wedding and your missing guests can enjoy from all over the world in real-time!


These are just some of the new, innovative technology aspects for you to incorporate for your big day.  Be sure to check out The Knot for the full list of wedding technology trends.  Interested in incorporating any of the above into your upcoming wedding but are unsure where to begin?  Contact us here at Clarke Allen today!


Written by,

Caitlin Carroll | Creative Writer | Clarke Allen Events


Photo from: The Knot