4 10, 2016

What are the craziest requests your event performers have asked for?

  If you haven’t noticed yet, this week is all about music here at Clarke Allen.  Today’s blog is about band riders, and features our

3 10, 2016

What To Know When Planning Wedding Reception Music

Unfortunately, when it comes to wedding reception music, the 'it's your day' mentality doesn't always apply.  In other words - you can't only play the

2 10, 2016

Band or DJ: That Is The Question

The music at your event can make or break the overall mood! While music may seem like a small portion of the event planning process,

19 04, 2016

2016 Event Trends

Spring is back!!!  The alarm had not even gone off this morning, when I was wakened by happy bird song out my bedroom window.  It

18 04, 2016

What to Expect for the Music Scene in 2016

Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls may be our go-to jams, but we event planners need to keep up with the latest music trends (what’s a