2 05, 2017

Is event planning a dying industry?

Is event planning a dying industry? Not if you show your worth! Everyone thinks they can be an event planner these days… thanks Pinterest.  Type

25 01, 2017

Event Planning – The Year of the Millennials

If you’re a Millennial (like most of us here at Clarke Allen), chances are you’ve been categorized as ‘lazy’ or ‘entitled’.  As frustrating as this

26 07, 2016

Genius ways to make the most of the new Pokemon Go craze

Last week we told you that we gave in to the Pokemon craze.  We’ve seen tons of you walking around with phones in hand, searching

19 07, 2016

Going Back to the Drawing Board

How has event planning changed?  Well, let’s go back to the drawing board!  As you know, Clarke Allen Events has been in business for more

18 07, 2016

What to Expect of Event Venues in the Future

Meetings and conferences are constantly developing, especially with such great technology advances.  Wondering what the meeting room of the future looks like?  We were too,

18 07, 2016

How event planning is changing

In a world filled with new technologies and changing trends, the potential to enhance your guests’ experience is limitless. Kevin Manion and Clarke speak of

12 07, 2016

Create a Conference Your Attendees Will Be Excited to Attend

The last thing you want is guests dreading have to attend your conference.  Chances are, they’ve been to tons, and unless yours stands out –

11 07, 2016

Trending Now: Pop-Up Events

Ever driven by a shopping mall strip and thought, “Wasn’t that space empty just a few days ago?”  A prime example are the Halloween themed

5 05, 2016

For the Future of Meeting Planning, This is What You Should Know…

We’ve brought you articles on keeping up with the latest trends (no, not the Kardashians) for various aspects of weddings. What about for the business world?