2 05, 2017

Is event planning a dying industry?

Is event planning a dying industry? Not if you show your worth! Everyone thinks they can be an event planner these days… thanks Pinterest.  Type

6 10, 2016

The Funniest Bridezilla Parody You’ve Ever Seen

Don't catch a case of the bridezilla! Let your wedding planner take care of the stressful parts!

15 08, 2016

All You Need To Know About Addressing Your Wedding Invitations

You’ve picked out the perfect wedding stationary for your invites, which was no easy decision.  Now what?  They look gorgeous on the outside, but here

10 08, 2016

Properly Planning The Bachelorette Party

If you’re a bridesmaid, there’s one event that you are most excited about (Aside from the actual wedding, of course) – the bachelorette party.  Filled

21 07, 2016

You’ve Said Yes To The Dress, Now What?

The most important part of your wedding day is the dress – right, ladies?  You searched all over for that perfect gown, and even had

20 07, 2016

This Couple Said ‘I Do’ On A Roller Coaster!

Preparing for a wedding is a lot like a roller coaster ride.  There’s the excitement of the engagement, stress of finding the perfect dress, and

6 07, 2016

Let Go of Your Event Stress!

Your job is stressful, we know all too well.  Good news is, you love your job.  Bad news is, you hardly sleep, or find the

6 07, 2016

Episode 17 Part 2

This week on The Event Design Experience, Clarke speaks with Marsha Pruitt about all things wedding planning!

5 07, 2016

Beautiful 1920’s Destination Wedding

We feature U.S. weddings all the time – what about overseas ones?  Look no further.  This Bridal Musings article features a ‘Glamorous Irish Wedding with

5 07, 2016

Wedding Day Bridal Combat Kit

So you’ve taken the daring path of planning your wedding by yourself, hats off to you! We’re not sure that we would even want to