6 12, 2016

Capturing the PERFECT event photos for your social media

Photography at any event is a given, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  Social media has changed up the photography game a little, but

21 06, 2016

Social Media Advice From the Pros

Social media is everywhere, and the event planning industry uses it daily (including us – follow us on Instagram and Facebook!)  As with anything else,

20 06, 2016

How has photography at events changed with social media?

Social media has transformed the event industry.  From how we promote an event to the technology we can use during an event, social media plays

3 06, 2016

Using Social Media to Promote Your Events

By now you already know that word of mouth, handing out flyers, and posting ads in the local paper are not the best options for

22 03, 2016

Using Social Media in Event Design

Clarke Allen believes that using social media in event design is an absolute must. "Social media makes people interested, inspires people to join, and increases