30 11, 2016

Do you know what to consider when picking conference venues?

We know finding the perfect venue for your event is stressful.  It has to meet specific guidelines, like location, pricing and size.  Oh, and it

3 08, 2016

What You Need To Know When Planning An Event At A Hotel

If you’re planning an event at a hotel, you know the banquet event order (or BEO) is coming your way.  For all of you non-event

18 07, 2016

What to Expect of Event Venues in the Future

Meetings and conferences are constantly developing, especially with such great technology advances.  Wondering what the meeting room of the future looks like?  We were too,

11 07, 2016

Trending Now: Pop-Up Events

Ever driven by a shopping mall strip and thought, “Wasn’t that space empty just a few days ago?”  A prime example are the Halloween themed

15 06, 2016

Week 14 – President’s Awards Highlights

Designed by Clarke Allen Events, hosted at our venue, CenterStage@NoDa. Take a look at how we transformed our venue to a magical night full

14 06, 2016

5 Hidden Gem Venues Just Around the Corner

Trying to find a unique venue for your upcoming event?  Look no further.  We know you want something special for your big day, and are

13 06, 2016

Episode 14

It's Week 14 - Venue Selection When choosing a venue for your event, you have to consider how those venues at which you're looking

6 05, 2016

The Checklist for Your Tent Rental

So you’re having an outdoor event.  What’s the most important element?  If you said good weather, we’ll let it slide.  If you said a tent,

15 04, 2016

10 Best Ideas of the Week for Weekend Inspiration

It’s Friday, but don’t throw in the towel just yet! We turned to a recent BizBash article featuring the “10 Best Ideas of the Week”

31 03, 2016

Picking the Right Venue!

A guest writer for Cvent released a blog on Tuesday about things to think about when searching for a venue. Pinpointing your event’s needs prior