4 11, 2016

Transportation Tips for Your ‘Big Day’

It’s your big day, and everything is ready to go!  You have a gorgeous ceremony planned, followed by an awesome reception filled with dancing, drinks,

3 11, 2016

Event Transportation – Where Do I Even Begin?!

Okay, so event transportation isn’t as glamorous as designing the venue – but it’s a necessity.  It can also be quite complicated, depending on the

7 09, 2016

Life Hacks You Need To Know Before Traveling

Traveling is time exhausting, frustrating, and a quick way to empty your wallet.  Does it have to be all of those things?  Absolutely not!  At

18 05, 2016

Ep 10 Part 2

What Type of Transportation Will I Need for My Event? with H A Thompson It's critical to have the appropriate form of transportation for

17 05, 2016

Convenience & Efficiency in Transportation Featuring: CLT Express Livery

Whether your guests are flying in from across the country, or simply coming from the hotel 15 minutes down the road, transportation service is something

16 05, 2016

4 Tips To Know About Event Transportation

Do you have guests coming from out of town for your wedding or corporate event?  What about two separate venues for the ceremony and reception?