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2308, 2016

Clarke Allen Fabricating For Preston Bailey… Say What?

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What could possibly be more exciting than getting the opportunity to work with a renowned event planner, identified as one of the “best wedding designers in the world” by Vogue Magazine?  Aside from maybe winning

1608, 2016

Mixing It Up All Summer Long!

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“Its 5’oclock somewhere” I’m sure we’ve all said that at some point this summer. Why not have a refreshing drink to sip on while traveling or enjoying a weekend getaway? We asked the staff here

908, 2016

You’ll Wish You Had An Event To Plan At These Restaurants

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If you’re considering having a party but want to have an elegant experience with your close friends, hosting your event in a restaurant is a great option.  Food, friends and fun all in one place? 

308, 2016

If Bridesmaids Were Honest

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208, 2016

Drab to Fab Linens Without Breaking the Bank

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It’s linen-lined Tuesday!  Okay, not really - but today’s blog is about linens (and it sounded cool).  Linens can be a crucial part of making your décor really stand out.  The down side?  They can

2607, 2016

Bubble Contortionists… You Won’t Believe What They Can Do!

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We’re bringing back the entertainment this week, with something you’ve never seen before.  (Okay, so maybe you have, but we haven’t).  We’ve brought you fire breathers, aerial artists, singers in disguise, and roaming carnivals.  This