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The Inevitable Box will CHALLENGE You to reach BEYOND the boundaries of your COMFORT ZONE as it compels you to CONFRONT the FEARS keeping you from experiencing the DESTINY that is INEVITABLE in your life… Prepare to be INSPIRED.

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What People are Saying

Nanci Gage

March 26, 2015
“This book made me laugh, cry, shake my head, but most of all it made me think. While the story is different for each of us, the underlying issues, fears, self-doubts, and pain lies within many of us. A most enjoyable, yet reflective read”

Amy Morris

Amy wrote a few endorsements: “The Inevitable Box is a great and engaging read–Clarke’s honesty about his journey is refreshing!” “As a business owner, I found the book to be extremely helpful in pointing out all the unforeseen pitfalls on our journey and appreciate Clarke’s wit and honesty in sharing his experience.” “I picked up this book prepared to learn about leadership in business and found that I could not put it down! Clarke’s story is very easy to relate to and I am grateful he shared openly about the wall that we all use in some form. His journey to overcome them is inspiring.”

Karl de la Guerra

“Seldom does such a heartfelt literary work appear! As in life, The Inevitable Box is filled with both darkness and lighthearted moments. You cannot help but be drawn into the world of Clarke Allen and his personal journey to success. By baring his soul, Clarke has given us all an opportunity to learn from a road already traveled.”

Sikky Rogers

“The book by Clarke Allen, “The Inevitable Box,” filled me with an incredible feeling of awe of a man capable of laying himself in front of a car asking to be run over. He confronts his failures in business and as a person and addresses his intentions to change his life. I admire the man Clarke Allen and his book–it is moving, powerful and courageous.”

Robin Bouchez

“Clarke has always been a dynamic storyteller. His is a story of great success to near failure, and he tells it from deeply personal reflection and a longing to help others escape their boxes. ‘The Designer has a Design for Life!’ Clarke creates some of the most incredibly beautiful event designs for his clients and now, through his life changing experience, he has discovered a design for not only his life, but yours as well.”

Marsha Pruitt

“I have known Clarke for nearly 5 years and been captivated by his stories, vision and success! This book serves heaping examples of why–and exemplifies Clarke’s giving spirit. I am often trapped in my own “inevitable box” and can now quickly reference this book for stories and advice that will help break me free. You’ll laugh and cry with the nuggets that Clarke shares from his own life. Happy reading.”

Robert Vargas

“Clarke Allen’s freshman book gives you a rare and unprecedented look into his captivating life. The intriguing chapters give you hope in getting another chance in life to do more, to give more, to love more…that, and to get the ‘one shot in hell'”

Yankee Pete (Herrick)

“Have you ever worked for an a$$#ole? If not, then it’s probably you…and you could certainly take a page, or several, from Clarke Allen’s life on how to put things in perspective and go from making a difference to truly changing the world.” “Sure, Clarke Allen is a really likeable guy…until you get to know him. Having worked with C.A. on projects, I had a great admiration for him. Then, I read the book and discovered that he tried pretty hard to ruin everything around him. Now that he’s seen the light, we’re all better for it because it’s not about HIM anymore.”

Derek Britt

“Not since The Artist’s Way has a book inspired us to take action against the walls we build – Clarke Allen’s intimate evolution from self-limiting businessman into a magnet for success and creative openness inspires immediate action.”

Kayla Sutton

“I can design my own job title and my own destiny. Clarke’s book gives me permission [to lead] the life I have designed for myself, not the life reality directs me towards.”

Cris Farroch

“There is an epidemic failure to understand what’s happening in ourselves which leads us to misjudge and mismanage our lives. We have a need to define ourselves in such a constant way that we “box” ourselves in our misconstructed identity. And once built, it CONTROLS how we perceive ourselves and the rest of the world. Such myopic lens we make this box to be that we are imprisoned by a default self-unable to reach or even see our true UNLIMITED potential. Clarke’s Inevitable Box peels our eyes open.”

Robert Reese

“It was refreshing to read of a man with the character and discernment to honestly evaluate his own performance, admit his mistakes, and take positive steps to rectify the things that needed to be changed. This is an account of one man’s encounter with decision: begin again or quit. It is a recognition of the fact failure is not a person, it is an event. Anyone reading this book will see him or herself and will be encouraged to follow Sir Winston Churchill’s admonition to ‘Never Give Up!'”

Janice Reese

“As a retired Business Development Director for a national company that provided services as its product, I love this book. It’s honest, personal and real. Also, having written a book, I know how difficult this process can be.”

Mark Bouchez

“Clarke Allen offers the reader an honest look at how he allowed his personality traits, stories from his past, and life experiences affect his business and his personal life. Through breaching his own inevitable box, he offers a way for others to scales theirs and finally be free to access real success.”

Suzzane Combs

“This is a great story on overcoming adversity. In business and personally, we often have to fail to succeed. We can find ways to overcome the adversity and achieve the success we want.”

Rodney Combs

“People will find his story compelling and be captivated by it. They will feel like they are not alone in their struggles and will know that there is hope.”

Jennifer Sherrill

“Can’t put your book down. Not what I expected. You really bare your heart. I’ve read half of it in one day! Great!!!!! Better than I expected. Thought it would be really good but I see your heart and soul in the book.”

Brian Wright

“I’ve known Clarke for nearly a decade and read the first draft of The Inevitable Box during a time of great upheaval in my own life. It compelled me to take a hard but necessary ‘personal inventory’ and rethink the perspective I had on my challenges. TIB reminded me that whatever “boxes” I have found myself in, they did not define me and furthermore, the power to get out of them had always been both with and within me. I recommend this book as a great impetus to introspection and personal change.”

Dr. Dana Clark

“I am about half way through your book.  It is a painful read for me.  I honestly see so much of myself in it.  Very honest… very head-on.  I’m struck at how much you’ve learned.  I’ll be interested to see how it ends.  It is written at a higher level than I expected.  Are you supposed to be a business owner at this point, or are you supposed to be a thinker/professor/consultant?  The restlessness in your mind is evident.  There is also a hunger in there.  This took guts to write – more than most authors have – you’ve laid it out there.  Good for you Clarke, this one is from the heart.”

Steve Reynolds

The Inevitable Box reveals a journey that many successful entrepreneurs can relate to.  Clarke’s willingness to lay out both his best and worst attributes demonstrates what we all go through in our mission to create a successful business.  This truly is a book that all aspiring entrepreneurs should read, not only to understand its complexities, but to understand that it is in our failures, and realization of ourselves, that we learn the most”

Chelsea Reynolds

“Whether you are in the event industry, are an entrepreneur, or are looking for some insight in your life, The Inevitable Box is a story that everyone could benefit from reading!  This is a story of a very admirable man accepting and conquering his own strengths and weaknesses.  Not only will Clarke’s story guide you to a new discovery of yourself, but it will motivate you to use this new discovery as a way to break through your fears which hold you back from your greatest potential.  Having been personally acquainted with Clarke, I have been able to read of the man he once was and have had the pleasure of getting to know the very inspiring man he has worked so hard to become today.  While you can still catch glimpses the perfectionist side of him, it is evident that Clarke has learned to maximize his strengths and uses his struggles as an opportunity for growth.  Congratulations Clarke!  The five years of creating your story is priceless – not only for you, but the many lives you impact daily!

Cathy Thomas

“The Inevitable Box is truly a MUST READ for anyone starting or owning their own business. Clarke was open, honest and vulnerable. Our own experiences, with over 20 years of business ownership, came through in every page of the book. Clarke was spot on about personal VS professional life. There is no difference between the two. The business affects both yourself and your loved ones in every way, both good and bad. I cannot say enough about how powerful this book is. It has changed my perspective in both business and life itself. The Inevitable Box is currently being passed around within my immediately family. I have also purchased several more copies for the upcoming Holidays. Thanks again for a TRULY INSPIRING read.”

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