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“We are all teachers as well as students”

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I hope you enjoyed reading my book, The Inevitable Box: A Quest for Significance and are excited to begin your journey to change. We recognize everyone has patterns, beliefs, traits and behaviors that prevent them fClarke Allens The Inevitable Box Bookrom achieving their highest potential. Since we are all teachers as well as students, your story and experiences could help someone else break free from their boxes and live the life they were intended to live.

I am fascinated by the stories of others and believe they are worth sharing with the world. Please Tell Us Your Story. I hope to use these stories in my next book, Unpacking Your Box.

Thank you and get writing!

Stories from our Visitors

I’ve known Clarke for nearly a decade and read the first draft of The Inevitable Box during a time of great upheaval in my own life.  It compelled me to take a hard but necessary ‘personal inventory’ and rethink the perspective I had on my challenges.  TIB reminded me that whatever “boxes” I have found myself in, they did not define me and furthermore, the power to get out of them had always been both with and within me.  I recommend this book as a great impetus to introspection and personal change.
I didn’t know why my perfect life wasn’t so perfect until I read The Inevitable Box and realized I had been living up to an identity I had been given and behaving accordingly. While in college, I experienced a life-changing event when my best friend and roommate was raped and murdered.  The perpetrator served 20 years in prison, but the day of her murder, I began to build a box around myself to contain all my fear and constructed a way to deny the actions of that day.  So my friend’s box is a coffin, the murderer’s is a jail cell and mine is—my life.  The Inevitable Box showed me that I can no longer keep my story contained.  Young women need to know the power they posses and that they are not what society has created, they are so much more.
I think all of us struggle on occasion to find out place in this big crazy world. But when you are struggling to find your way and you come across a book that has been written by someone that you know and respect discussing their own personal struggles and how their own life has changed it is an “ah-ha” moment. I found Clarke’s book when I was asking questions about my own life. Can I just say, wow!! Clarke put into words what so many of us feel. His words grounded me and helped me remember the important things in my life! Thank you for sharing your story, Clarke. It is not up to us to take the lessons and do something with them!
I met Clarke when he was a very young sales manager at the Fairmont Hotel Dallas. He sold me on booking my client’s meeting at his hotel, despite easier options. And he made good on his commitment to work with me to make it a success. Over the years he has not lost an ounce of drive, enthusiasm, or creativity. He now packages those dynamic qualities along with the wisdom that only comes from experience and managing one’s own business. Being around Clarke energizes me and makes me more creative.
Rod Abraham, The Rod Abraham Group
One word…Complete! He completes it all and has the entire package. Clarke’s vision and expertise leaves me with no worries. He is a perfectionist and I know he will not stop until perfection is complete. I trust his knowledge completely and it is an honor to know him. Each time he opens his mouth is a learning experience. So, while I am paying him to construct a great story in this event, I am gaining knowledge that is priceless.
Pamela Houston, Director of Special Events/Community Affairs University of Tennessee Health Science Center