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I’ve known Clarke for many years. He is well known for being highly creative in all of his endeavors. His blend of substance and style makes him a remarkable speaker and marketer. His approach to projects stimulates everyone around him.
Dr. Dana Clark, Ph. D., Dept. of Management Appalachian State University
I met Clarke when he was a very young sales manager at the Fairmont Hotel Dallas. He sold me on booking my client’s meeting at his hotel, despite easier options. And he made good on his commitment to work with me to make it a success. Over the years he has not lost an ounce of drive, enthusiasm, or creativity. He now packages those dynamic qualities along with the wisdom that only comes from experience and managing one’s own business. Being around Clarke energizes me and makes me more creative.
Rod Abraham, The Rod Abraham Group
I’ve seen Clarke public speak several times and it’s the same persona he has in the classroom. His passion, his enthusiasm, really comes across to his audiences as he speaks because he truly speaks from the heart.
Anne Marie Weldon, Department Chair, Associate Professor – The Hospitality College; Johnson & Wales University
One word…Complete! He completes it all and has the entire package. Clarke’s vision and expertise leaves me with no worries. He is a perfectionist and I know he will not stop until perfection is complete. I trust his knowledge completely and it is an honor to know him. Each time he opens his mouth is a learning experience. So, while I am paying him to construct a great story in this event, I am gaining knowledge that is priceless.
Pamela Houston, Director of Special Events/Community Affairs University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Clarke Allen is not only one of my great, great, friends but I think of him to be the most creative guy in the Carolinas, with regard, not only to entertainment, but to conceptualizing ideas, to theming, to creating, writing books, telling his story, lecturing and teaching others. It makes Clarke so much fun to be around. He brings something exciting and cutting edge to each project.
Larry Farber, East Coast Entertainment