Clarke Allen – About the Book

“Passionate pursuit to share, teach and learn.”

Storytelling with Clarke Allen

Every story has a story. This is Clarke’s.  It is a deep dive into the paradox of success.

What happens when you are a success in your work life and a mess in your personal life? In his debut business – memoir Clarke shares his come-back story with transparency and heart. This is the story of a successful, award-winning entrepreneur who got fired by Oprah in the worst economic down-turn of the decade and on the heels of a divorce. Most would call it quits, but Clark dug in and found his strength.

The Inevitable Box: A Quest for Significance (2016) was written to help entrepreneurs, like him, who felt ‘boxed in’ by a way of life that others had defined and to help others re-think, reinvent & re-energize their lives with authentic intention.

This book takes you on Clarke’s personal journey of reinvention. In each poignant, instructive chapter, he takes you on an odyssey of discovery – showing you how to avoid the mistakes he made, how to overcome patterns of self-destructive behavior and get out of your own way on the road to success.

With passion and purpose, Clarke makes the case for ‘following your bliss’ but with an important caveat. Be open to change. It’s a game-changer.

He Writes, He Designs and He Speaks

Clarke Allen is a resource to be reckoned with

Clarke has honed his talent for writing through the publishing his first book, for design through his successful 21+ year event business, and for speaking engaging messages to a wide variety of audiences. Whether the audiences are made up of industry professionals, students, or entrepreneurs, all leave inspired by Clarke’s energy, passion and motivation.

The Author

In his goal to motivate, teach, inspire and give, Clarke is creating a legacy of sharing with others the value of being relevant.  Writing his own personal story of how he built his multi- million-dollar business only to discover that his personality traits and deeply held “stories” had walled him up inside.  Clarke’s book, The Inevitable Box: A Quest for Relevance speaks to all who find themselves in a similar place.  Through seeking, reflecting, and deciding to change, Clarke believes that everyone can re-write their story and find freedom and access self-determination. Clarke shares his experience as an entrepreneur. With humor and candor, Clarke shares his experience as an entrepreneur and the unanticipated challenges that many business owners face at different stages in their business. He reveals how most people live from within a box that has been created by living a story created by someone else. Clarke shows you how, through hard work, courage to be vulnerable, and the desire to change, you can re-write that story, and become your authentic self.

The Speaker

Discovering his love and talent for teaching led to Clarke’s demand as a speaker for not only students, but for business leaders, entrepreneurs, corporations, national associations, and industry partners. His audience always leaves inspired by his story and encouraged with tangible tools to discover a new self-awareness for how they start and run their businesses and their lives.  Clarke’s desire is to show how to bypass those challenges he believes only seem inevitable.

No matter the area of need, Clarke’s personal energy, enthusiasm, and expertise are sure to exceed your expectations and provide enlightenment in the following areas: Entrepreneurship • Leadership • Design • Creativity • Motivation• Event Planning/Design • Branding• Small Business Ownership • Marketing • Organizational Storytelling

The Coach

Whether you are a just starting on the road to entrepreneurship, or have found yourself in a box, all businesses need guidance, support, encouragement and someone to hold them accountable.  Having waded, dove in and nearly drowned in the waters of a small business, Clarke wants to help you in the areas of sales, marketing, management and team creation and building in order to help you avoid some costly mistakes that could prevent growing your business and achieving your optimal success.  

The Teacher

A gifted teacher, Clarke has been sharing his knowledge with his staff since founding his business in 1994. He also shares his vast knowledge with students while teaching for the last 17 years at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, Appalachian State University and Charlotte’s Johnson and Wales campus.

UNCC Class

For the past 15 years, Clarke Allen has been teaching in conjunction with the University of North Carolina, Charlotte’s Certificate in Meeting and Event Planning course.  Clarke serves on the Board of Directors for the program and is passionate about sharing his event knowledge with the students.  Students learn about the anatomy of the special event as seen through Clarke’s creative lens and Clarke continues to receive only the most positive feedback from the students enrolled.

I’ve known Clarke for many years. He is well known for being highly creative in all of his endeavors. His blend of substance and style makes him a remarkable speaker and marketer. His approach to projects stimulates everyone around him.
Dr. Dana Clark, Ph. D., Dept. of Management Appalachian State University
Clarke Allen is not only one of my great, great, friends but I think of him to be the most creative guy in the Carolinas, with regard, not only to entertainment, but to conceptualizing ideas, to theming, to creating, writing books, telling his story, lecturing and teaching others. It makes Clarke so much fun to be around. He brings something exciting and cutting edge to each project.
Larry Farber, East Coast Entertainment
“We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us.”